Intuition: What is it and how to trust it?

What is INTUITION? 💡 

It’s your natural, instinct. It’s your innate knowledge that you were born with.

Have you ever wondered why bears just seem to know they need to hibernate or lions just know to travel in packs? This is intuition, instinct.

For us, when we need to pee, we go to the bathroom. If we need oxygen, we breathe. If we’re tired, we sleep.

So it only stands to reason, if you’re hungry, YOU NEED TO EAT.  

Hunger is one of the body’s biological signals. Contrary to what diet culture might have you believe, hunger isn’t your body trying to sabotage your efforts; it’s your body telling you it needs energy and nourishment in order to be truly healthy.

So, in order to be authentically healthy and happy, we have to listen to ALL its signals.  

Since the body can’t talk, those signals you feel are the only way it can tell you what you need.

And everyone’s needs are different. 

Some people can eat big meals and not eat again for six hours.

Some people feel better when they graze every two hours.

As I said in a recent post, all things in life are neutral until we assign meaning to them. How your body consumes food (bigger, fewer meals vs. grazing) is neutral until you decide to make it mean something bad or good about you or your body.

If you’ve been dieting for a really long time, you might not even know how to listen to your body, instead of the messages and suggestions of diet culture. So here are a few ways to tap into your intuition.

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With freedom,


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