No one is perfect


I totally admit that there are

  • days I underestimate how much food and I need and have to go back to the pantry
  • days I overeat because the food tastes good
  • days I overeat because I don’t want to throw out the little bit that’s left
  • days I overeat because I’m too lazy to put the rest in the fridge
Graphic by Alana Van Der Sluys

We’re human and recovery doesn’t mean being perfect at recovery or eating or being intuitive.

The difference between being in recovery and being recovered?

Giving yourself the grace to mess up.

Giving yourself the grace to be human.

Knowing it’s one day or one meal compared to all the others you’ve been rocking your intuition.

Can we just agree to grant ourselves our humanity?

To be human is to make mistakes. We’re not robots. We learn and grow from mistakes. If we didn’t make them, we wouldn’t move forward in our lives.

Even if you think someone is perfect on social media or IRL, know that is a facade. It’s a highlight reel, at best. You’re not walking around in their skin and you have no idea what they’re thinking about, or what they do or experience behind closed doors.

So give yourself compassion and space to mess up.

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