The Case for Group Coaching

I find that many who suffer from body image issues and yo-yo dieting are those who are shrouded in shame. They believe they are broken and have come to believe this through countless cycles of trying to do better (whatever that “better” looks like)  and failing. 

This shame thrives in the shadows, grows in the silence. By not talking about it, shame can convince us that we are the only ones who feel this way, that this issue of ours is a defect within only us. Everyone else has it together, everyone else is happy and normal. 

The freeing secret of the universe, though, is that we are all broken. We are all imperfect, emotional, fallible human beings; and perhaps through that logic, if all of us are broken, can we really call it being broken anymore? Is it that we are all perfect in our imperfections?

We cannot see this truth, truly and completely, without talking about our own struggles, our own shame, our own insecurities. We have to be brave enough to talk about them for two important reasons. First, if we talk about our pain points, we can move toward processing them and healing them. Secondly, talking about what ails us helps turn the wheel of the bigger movement to bring mental health issues into the light ,to destigmatize them. We tell our story and it inspires someone else to tell theirs; soon, we are all standing up as one voice to say, “This is me; and I am worthy just as I am, regardless of where society may believe I come up short.” 

This is why I only offer group coaching. 

While I do think 1:1 coaching certainly has its merits and benefits (and I offer it as part of my group coaching package), there is something so magical and powerful about a group setting when tackling a complicated issue like recovery.

So, here are five unique benefits to group coaching, whether it’s for intuitive eating or general life coaching. 

  1. It provides accountability with a coach – You can consume as much free material as you want, and I sincerely hope you do take advantage of those free resources; but having an expert who has been hired, specifically, to be on your team to ensure your success cannot be replicated with free worksheets or podcasts. Your coach has the knowledge, and many times the first-hand experience, to guide you through those resources in a way that addresses your specific needs. When we try to recover on our own, no one is pushing us and giving us the tough love that’s required when the journey gets, well, tough; and it will. 
  2. It provides support from the group. Everyone is there, in general, for the same reason. For intuitive eating group coaching, it’s to heal their relationship with food, their body, and their weight. As a result, everyone is rooting for your success, because if they can succeed, so can you. Their success is your success. 
  3. It provides a sense of community. You may have no one in your real life who gets what you’re going through, and recovery can be a really isolating experience. With group coaching, suddenly, you have a group of people who understand. You can tell them what you’re struggling with day-to-day, ask them questions, and encourage one another in a way that’s difficult for other people who don’t quite understand the pain point to do. You learn together, you cry together, you laugh together, you heal together. 
  4. It provides a sense of strength from supporting others. In a group coaching setting, there is a lot of discussion around successes and failures week to week. Members are invited to jump in and ask questions or offer support to their peers. Many members speak of issues that the other members have or still currently experience. Verbalizing love and support for someone going through what you are helps you to hear the narratives you should be adopting in your own head. You become more confident in that more supportive language for yourself, too. 

You learn from watching others get coached. Sometimes we’re more apt to listen to advice if it’s not given directly to us. Sometimes it feels safer to hear someone else get coached on an issue we’re also having. It’s like when you were in grade school and someone asked a question you also had, but you weren’t brave enough to raise your hand. Perhaps you may even be struggling with something you’re not yet able to verbalize yourself, until you hear a fellow member describe their own experience with it. Again, I see this with high school students. They know they’re confused about something but they’re just not sure what it is clearly enough to formulate it into a question. Hearing others get coached helps us to get a more well-rounded view of how we’ve come to experience our particular struggles and how else they can manifest for our future selves if we don’t seek the help we need.

Ready to take the next step with group coaching, schedule a 15-minute discovery call with me today!

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